বিসিআইসি কলেজ
EIIN:108222, College Code: 1128 , School Code: 1352

‘দৃপ্ত প্রত্যয়ে উৎকর্ষের শিখরে’



Discipline: BCIC College upholds discipline first as part of its core
tenets. It is said that a disciplined person or a nation always succeeds
in their efforts. Hence, we can see nations developed in as much as
they are disciplined. As a matter of fact, discipline is very much
essential for progress and prosperity. To this end, BCIC College sheds
light on punctuality and discipline ever more. In violation of discipline
the college authority strictly maintains a set of punitive measures.
Above all, a dedicated discipline committee is supposed to oversee
the entire discipline of this institution ceaselessly and tirelessly.
Education: Education comes as a second fundamental of BCIC
College. As a civilisation is rested on its education, it helps a man to
come out of the abyss of ignorance and get a fair, enlightened, divine
and dreamy world. Education is not all about getting grades and
earning money; it is more than that. We believe that education is
such a process through which receiving or disbursing knowledge,
developing rationals, principles and judgements are made possible.
In another word, it prepares a man mentally and intellectually to
carve for a sound, beautiful and mature life. Keeping that in mind
BCIC College is always working on its goals to meet the needs of the
Guiding principles: Another core value of this college is moral
standards. Ethical values make a difference in a student’s life by
distinguishing between right and wrong, deciding things in principle,
and taking right choices. This morality entails a set of standards and
principles that is derived from a particular history, culture, tradition,
philosophy and a faith. Ethical values of people may vary from
country to country and from culture to culture but they have some
universal aspects — not to tell lies, not to cheat on others, for
instance. BCIC College makes the students learn these universal
aspects of ethical standards. About this BCIC College has a tag line as
“we shall never tell lies, never fraud and protest whoever does it.“
Humanity: Fourth fundamental of BCIC College is humanity. The
power of humanity keeps an individual away from all sorts of
wrongdoing, mischief, injustice, jealousy, hatred, casualty,
destruction etc. Every person with humane virtues has compassion
and love. Along with academic achievements BCIC College is instilling


human virtues in the minds of the students in order to lead them in
the right path. To achieve this goal, honourable principal of this
college is constantly motivating both the teachers and students and
thus BCIC College has been successful to a great extent.